Balachaung – Tuna & Shrimp



Balachaung is one of the well known condiments in Myanmar. The terminology may not have originated in Myanmar but it is enjoyed widely and moreishly across the country. It is a side dish primarily  made with dried shrimp, fish paste, shallot, garlic and dried chilli. And it is eaten with everyday rice dishes. Modern day Balachaungs have revolutionised the whole dining experience with various recipes, even in Myanmar now, there are dozens of Balachaung versions being produced such as meat and vegetarian.

Goes well with pretty much anything, over steamed rice ,toast , mash potato , noodle etc. 

Ingredients list : Tuna (Fish) 34% , Shrimp ( Crustaceans ) 17% , Shallot 33% , Garlic , Lime leaf , Himalayan salt, Paprika, Turmeric,Ginger,  Sunflower oil. 

Allergen Advice : Fish , Crustaceans 

This product is packed in a facility that also handles : Peanuts, Soy

Storage guide : Store in a cool dry place , Once opened, consume within 4 weeks.

Produced in the UK

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